Our Services

We offer a turnkey service from the conceptualization of your complete Outdoor Gym through to the maintenance stage into the future. Outdoor Gyms can also provide a "fitness park" which brings the entire family together to enjoy fitness and fresh air. In conjunction with this, we design and manufacture play/gym pieces for children, which together with the Outdoor Gyms challenge the user both physically and mentally improving fine motor co-ordination, balance, strength, fitness and muscular development.

Design and Layout
Instructional Information boards
Standards and Certification

Design and Layout:

Each outdoor gym, will be customed designed to the specifics of the site and the client, and will include their branding requirements. A schematic layout will be presented with a written quotation confirming the costs. BASA (Biokinetics Association of South Africa) will participate in the design and layouts of the gym equipment. We encourage the involvement of the client in discussions as to the location of the gym and the number of pieces that are required.Outdoor furniture including games benches, seating, dustbins and jogging tracks can also be included in the package.


We utilize safety matting of the highest standards. As with the gym apparatus this rubber matting is locally produced. It is a first in South Africa and has been developed in conjunction with BASF in Germany. All colors are fully UV stable. The matting, an improved and yielding substance is developed to absorb impact.

Matting is fitted in tile form (elastapave), which allows simple replacement should damage occur. We are able to integrate multicoloured logos into the matting.

Good surfacing not only serves as a safety feature for Outdoor Gyms, but also extends the fitness capabilities of the system into a full mat workout if required.


Outdoor Gyms will be responsible for installing the equipment, which includes a survey of soil conditions and the site in general. The equipment is secured into a 100 mm concrete foundation, providing maximum stability. A professional installation team will ensure that the equipment aligns vertically and horizontally.

Instructional Information:

Instructional information is provided in the form of a freestanding information board. The information provided will be in both written and pictorial format.


Whilst very little maintenance is required, a maintenance agreement can be built into the contract.


The equipment carries a 1-year warranty on plastic, rubber or composite parts, seats, fittings, and bearings. A 2-year warranty on the main frame steel posts, welds and bars. Outdoor Gyms does not warranty for normal levels of rust or vandalism. The maintenance contract will provide for inspection, cleaning of rust spots and touch up paint.

Standards and Certification:

Outdoor Gyms by Play on Art has invested two years of research into the development of our product, and as such our equipment is on par with global best practice. The pieces have been developed by specialists, which include designers, engineers, fitness and health experts. Each piece goes through a rigorous design, manufacture and endorsement process. The Biokinetic Association of South Africa has endorsed each piece of equipment.


Outdoor Gyms have been designed with maximum safety in mind. The apparatus is robust, weather proof, colourful and fun, low maintenance and as vandal proof as possible.